Putting your home on the market is a big step. The expertise of Prestige Properties will make the process much easier for you and your family. Selling a home is a large transaction. By reviewing the items below, you will have a better idea of what to expect during the process of selling your home.

1. Meeting & Selecting Your Real Estate Professional

Prestige Properties are a crucial part of your home selling team. We will assist you throughout the transaction with the following:

  • Deciding your asking price
  • Marketing your home to qualified buyers
  • Completing the required transaction documents
  • Negotiating with any buyers who submit an offer to purchase your home

2. Deciding When To Place Your Home On The Market

Prestige Properties will help you determine the best time to place your home on the market. We will also provide sound advice as you determine an asking price based on:

  • Research of comparable properties
  • Consideration of current local market conditions
  • Your needs and reasons for selling

3. Marketing Your Home To Potential Buyers

When placing your home on the market, Prestige Properties will help make your home more attractive to potential buyers. We may make home improvement or decorating suggestions to improve the appeal of your home. We will also coordinate with you and other real estate professionals to arrange showings of your home to qualified buyers.

4. Reviewing The Buyer's Purchase Offer

Once an offer is made, Prestige Properties will review the offer with you and help you prepare a response to that offer. Our strong negotiating skills and knowledge of this process will help you reach the right agreement.

5. Presenting Your Purchase Offer Response

With the assistance of Prestige Properties, you may accept, counter or decline the purchase offer. This process may take anywhere from a few days to a week, depending on the time deadlines specified in your response to the buyer's offer.

6. Opening Escrow

Escrow is opened and the buyer's earnest money will be deposited at this time. Your escrow company will handle all funds associated with your transaction.

7. Entering The Contingency Period

This time period is specified in your purchase agreement. During this time, the buyer works to satisfy contingen­cies to the purchase agreement, such as obtaining a property inspection and an appraisal. You will work with your real estate professional to ensure that all of the transaction documents are completed and provided to the buyer for review. Transaction documents can include:

  • Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement
  • Physical Inspection of Property
  • Property Pest Inspection
  • Other Disclosure Forms