If you are having a hard time selling your home, there is likely a good reason. Below we've outlined some of the most common issues that prevent a property from being sold.

Unflattering Photos

Photos of your property with good lighting and a decorated feel will likely entice the viewer to want to see it in person.


Price is the main culprit when it comes to homes that do not sell. An experienced agent with market knowledge will be the best resource in helping you price your property correctly. Prestige Properties Team Tipton are Bakersfield's #1 listing agents.

Shows Poorly

Pet smells, extreme temperature discomfort, dirt/dust, clutter, dated fixtures, and worn carpets are a few factors that are often noted.

Poor Online Visibility

Make sure your listing agent has a great internet presence in marketing your home. This is where buyers are today. Ask about Prestige Properties vast array of digital advertising.

Tired & Stale On The Market

Make sure the property is properly maintained. Sitting on the market for prolonged periods of time raises questions in buyers minds of what might be wrong with the property.

Appraisal Issues

You may be getting offers, but desperate buyers will sometimes over bid to the point that it will not appraise.

Unavailable to Show

As good as online photos are, they are no substitute for an in-person visit. Restrictions on viewing times and availability turn off buyers and they are likely to keep moving on. Once your property is listed, it should be viewed as a product instead of your home.


Parted out cars, cars on blocks, neighbors with junk in their yard are all a huge turn off for potential buyers.